“Where do I start” you may ask.

This is a great question and one that many ask when embarking on a renovation. It is daunting, not to mention the number of “one man bands” and companies out there that promise to be “experts” or the “best in the business”. How do you really tell who the best is? I mean they all say it, I’m sure they all really mean it, but the big question is can they deliver on it?

It’s a little too late when you’ve paid the deposit and half of your house is ripped apart in the midst of renovation chaos and you’re screaming

“My bathroom and kitchen better be amazing when they‘re done!”

I could tell you that Start 2 Finish Renovations is the best bathroom and kitchen Renovation Company in Perth. We are amazing, professional and we provide quality workmanship. There is no one else like us out there (which is all true), but you say, “so what I’ve heard it all before”! I have just described the website and social media site of every renovation company in Perth out there, really what’s the big difference??