1. Single storey, double brick dwelling.
  2. No electrics included.
  3. Relocation of bath, shower & vanity not included.
  4. Mitres – silver package = up to 5 linear metres; gold & platinum packages = up to 10 linear metres.
  5. Nib wall mitres included.
  6. Standard ceiling height up to 2440mm.
  7. Square or rectangle bathroom.
  8. Bathroom total wall area up to 18m2.
  9. Bathroom floor area up to 3.5m2 (does not include under bath).
  10. Reflux valve additional cost if necessary.
  11. Maximum window size 1200mm x 1200mm.
  12. Platinum package = 20mm stone vanity counter to be selected from the current in house range.
  13. Recessed shower floor if possible.
  14. Should a recessed shower floor not be possible then a low hob will be an additional cost.
  15. Renovation location to be within 30km of Perth CBD.
  16. All packages are subject to our standard terms & conditions.

Correct as at 01.03.2016