Bathroom renovation cost

bathroom renovation cost

Bathroom Renovation Cost

monday bathroom renovation cost thoughtsMUST every morning feel like a Monday?

It’s enough to turn your thoughts towards bathroom renovation cost.

For a while now, you’ve felt the days begin gloomier and gloomier. Not just on Mondays, when gloom is to be expected, but every morning, all throughout the working week.

What a drag.

It’s not until you pop into your favourite coffee shop each morning that you begin to feel half human.

The doctor has checked you out and is quite sure you are not suffering from any mould-related disease. You’re exercising regularly (sort of). You’re eating well. What could be the problem?

Well, perhaps it’s your bathroom.

Think about it. Chances are, your favourite coffee shop has redone its decor in recent years. Maybe even got a new espresso machine. The place is clean, warm, inviting, and smells good. Can you say the same about your bathroom?

Each morning you spend precious minutes in the same dreary place. You sluice and spruce. You scrub and brush. You shampoo, exfoliate, trim, pluck, shave, and whatever else your beauty regimen demands.

All in the same tatty confines of the same outdated and faded walls. Hasn’t changed in years.

How wearisome.

Maybe it’s time your bathroom had a renovation. After all, it’s the room where you start the day off, and everyone needs a good start to the morning. Billions of bowls of breakfast cereal have been sold based on the idea.

Architecture, however, is a bit more complex than muesli. Some planning and research is required.

bathroom renovation packages

So, if you’ve finally got around to asking yourself, ‘How much does a bathroom renovation cost?’, we’ve put together an ingredients list that might be just what you need:

The Ingredients List – Bathroom Renovation Cost

All of the following will be included as part of the quoted bathroom renovation cost with Start 2 Finish Resolutions. If it’s going to be needed, we tell you about it beforehand. We aren’t like many other companies, who tell you about extra fees only halfway through a job, springing nasty surprises when it’s too late to pull out.

Before searching elsewhere, have a close look at the list below. See just how much you get for your outlay.

(The exact cost of each item will vary. The cost of tiling, for example, depends on the size of your bathroom. )

1) The Planning stage

  • Quotation – a complimentary quote, based on a thorough measure and on-site inspection of your existing bathroom.
  • Design – a complete design consultancy service is provided, enabling you to discuss your renovation ideas with our experts, and perhaps pick up a few tips.
  • Showroom – where you can view our range of quality products, inspecting the quality of workmanship first-hand.

2) The Site Preparation stage

  • Skip bin – for disposing of rubble and rubbish. No need to coordinate hiring this yourself, we’ll do it for you. Leftover renovation rubble is hazardous. If you wait months to dispose of this at the next verge collection, friends and family risk tripping and injuring themselves.
  • Floor and furniture protection – heavy-duty floor protection and furniture covering to guard against stains, scratches and other damage.
  • Strip out – a complete strip out, with no half measures, hidden costs, or tricky extras.
  • Plaster removal – removal of ALL plaster in tiled areas, along with any traces of glue left from old tiles. Many other renovation companies leave remnants or notch walls, falling well below Australian standards.
  • Priming – priming of walls in preparation for tiling.
  • Skilled workers – all our work is done by local, reliable, courteous, and highly skilled tradespeople who have been part of our team for a long time.
  • Insurance – you’re unlikely to need it, but, for your peace of mind, our work is covered from beginning to end.
Bathroom renovation cost packages perth

before and after

bathroom renovation packages

3) The Nitty-Gritty stage

  • Waterproofing – failing to waterproof to Australian Standards is an astonishingly common oversight
  • Tiles – Quality large rectified tiles ensure a precision finish, all with grout lines neatly aligned. All edges are mitred for a superior finish. Feature tiling is included in the price. (TIP: cheap tiles can often be porous – you may want to consider testing tile samples by spilling household products on a sample tile to see whether they’re up to the job. Ours will pass the test.)
  • Recesses – get rid of that tacky caddy-basket-thingamajig which hangs from your showerhead. You won’t need it after a recessed shelf has been installed, especially designed to hold all those bottles of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Nib walls – Add an elegant finish with stylish details, along with a sense of privacy. They can create space-saving solutions in the form of recesses, and help prevent dirt and dust accumulating between bathroom fixtures.
  • Drain grates – regardless of whether you opt for a channel grate or a Bermuda floor grate, concealed floor wastes mean you’ll be spared the sight of a cheap and ugly plastic drain hole while showering.
  • Cornices and ceiling – These can all be replaced as part of our excellent service. Say goodbye to mould, flaking and water stains.
  • Mirrors – All of our mirrors are custom-made without exception. There are many options, beveled or polished edges or framed for a touch of elegance.
  • Quality fixtures – all our tapware, fixtures and fittings are sourced from local and reputable suppliers. You are welcome to view some of these in our showroom.
  • Lighting – a simple lighting solution can work wonders for ambience, but only if the right people are managing the project.
  • Ventilation – it pays to get this done once and done properly, unless you’re thinking of converting to a sauna or a greenhouse in a few years?
  • Cabinetry – Our custom-made cabinetry is made on our premises in Western Australia. With a seven-year warranty, and generally a 25-year warranty for door and drawer furniture (depending on your selections). We encourage our clients to view our cabinetry in our showroom, it won’t disappoint!
  • Vanity tops – whether stone, china, corian, or laminate the choice is yours!
  • Shower screens – All of our shower screens are custom-made to measure, and built to last. Nothing is prefabricated, everything is custom-installed for a professional installation.
  • Skilled workers – at every step of the way (yes, we’ve mentioned our tradespeople already, but we’re immensely proud of them, so hope you’ll indulge us repeating ourselves.)
  • Delivery – All of our products and materials include delivery.

4) The Aftermath-and-beyond stage

  • Clean up – we ensure our tradespeople always clean up fully after themselves. We completely clean the renovation areas, leaving no mess behind.
  • After-sales service – we’re not a fly-by-night operation, so you can call us up if you have any worries or concerns.
  • Warranties – All of our products and workmanship carry comprehensive warranties.
Bathroom renovation packages

Another successful renovation and happy customer

Our packages start from just $11,461 plus GST

(Note that we’ve openly mentioned the goods-and-services tax there – it’s something other companies all too often conveniently omit from their initial quotations.)

We offer three packages – take your pick:

  • Silver – with half-height tiled walls (apart from the shower, which is fully tiled, naturally), a semi-frameless shower screen, and a custom 900mm vanity with a plain polished mirror. Priced from $11,461 +GST
  • Gold – with floor-to-ceiling tiled walls throughout, a custom-made vanity, ceiling cornices removed and replaced after tiling, and flick mixers installed for both the shower and bath. Priced from $14,486 +GST
  • Platinum – The ultra-luxurious option, with a wall-mounted basin mixer, bevelled-edge mirror, 20mm stone vanity counter, a designer above-counter china basin, mixer sets for bath and handbasin, a brass shower rail, two Bermuda tile insert wastes, and a nib wall with shower recess. Priced from $16,789 +GST.

For more details, click here.

bathroom renovation packages

Warning! Warning! Scam artists in vicinity

home renovation cowboy

Remember this guy?

Beware: if a company – or a one-man band – quotes you a markedly lower bathroom renovation cost, they’re almost certainly skimping on some of the items listed above.

If you fall for their enticingly cheap offer, you’ll quite likely have to pay more later on for:

  • a host of not-so-optional extras.
  • continual repairs for years afterwards, when their shoddy job fails to last the distance.
  • a proper renovation if you ever decide to sell or lease the property.

Click here to read about bathroom renovation cost blowouts due to cowboy installers.

Don’t cut corners.

Instead, think of your bathroom renovation as an investment rather than a cost. If you buy the best you can afford, your bathroom will:

  • look great.
  • function superbly.
  • increase the value of your property.
  • improve your lifestyle while living in your home.
  • last the distance.
  • avoid embarrassment when entertaining guests.

Invite guests over, honey?!

No way! Not with the bathroom in the state it is.

Most of us try to kid ourselves we’re rugged individualists who don’t care what others think of us.

But really, have you ever been to a fine restaurant for a special evening – where the food is exquisite, the service flawless, and decor top-notch, but the toilet is a squalid hidey-hole at the end of a reeking alleyway?

How did you feel?

flowersMore importantly, do you want your friends to feel that way when they come over to your place for dinner or a party?

Your bathroom is more than just a fresh, comfy sanctuary for your morning routine. It also says something about you.

So, when planning your bathroom renovation, try to picture it in your mind’s eye as a place that is cheerful, homely, and welcoming to guests. (The Germans have a special word for this, gemütlich.)

But why does a bathroom renovation cost so much?

Fact: due to the necessity of a strip-out beforehand, your bathroom renovation cost will be more on average than building a new bathroom from scratch.

“The HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms survey found an average value for a new bathroom in 2013/14 of $14,760 compared to an average value for a bathroom renovation of $15,247”

(Source: Housing Industry Association, Kitchens and Bathrooms Report – Past Growth and Future Prospects 2014/15, “Overview”, page 6.)

How about just a teensy-weensy bit of renovation?

Another temptation – if your budget is tight – is a partial renovation

At its most basic, this involves replacing just a single item.

The tendency is to fixate on the most objectionable feature of your existing bathroom. Ask yourself – if you haven’t already – “What’s the worst thing about my bathroom?”:

  • Grotty, chipped tiles?
  • A shower screen which has gone all loose and wobbly?
  • An old vanity unit that looks charmingly retro in the evening dusk but, when you switch on the light, reveals its embarrassingly discoloured porcelain and peeling laminate?

The temptation? To replace only this single offending item.

DIY Bathroom Blowout Backfires!

A bad way to try cutting your bathroom renovation cost

It’s perfectly possible to shop around for a nice replacement, and have only that installed. At first glance, it seems way more affordable than a top-to-toe refit.

But there are pitfalls.

Think ahead. You’re probably hoping a tiny little refit will brighten up all its surroundings. This could happen. But the exact opposite is also likely: that the new item makes the rest of your bathroom look even more old and tired in comparison.

Even worse, it could open a can of worms in the form of a never-ending list of fixes that are needed. For instance, you replace the vanity, but then need to fix:

  • a gap in the tiled floor, left behind from the old vanity
  • a cracked tile in the splashback, damaged as you removed the old vanity
  • lots of plumbing which needs to be altered to fit to the newly installed vanity
  • and so on, and so on.

The never-ending list has begun. Before you know it, your weekend project has turned into a costly disaster!

Eventually you’ll have to get everything else replaced – one painstaking item at a time.

In the long-run, a piecemeal approach can cost more. All too often, it results in a patchwork of mismatched styles and discontinued lines which look as though they’ve been cobbled together over the years. As indeed they have been.

Planning ahead and doing it all at once saves you money and time in the long-run.

bathroom renovation packages

Bathroom Experts on hand

No need to plan bathroom renovation cost on your lonesome

Want to chat about the options?

We love to talk bathrooms, and we’d love to talk about them with you. No obligations, and no hard sell.

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 0411 445 662, or – if you prefer – shoot us an email

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