7 Bathroom Trends for 2017

organic white caesarstone australia cabinetry for a bathroom

Big is beautiful! larger tiles are in, and they look absolutely stunning! Marble, industrial, classic black & white, greys,
natural timber and organic design styles for 2017,  are a hit! Smaller tiles are still very popular, herringbone and subway tiles are still trending this year, another classic design.

1. Shades of Grey (tiles, bench tops, cabinetry)

Grey seems to be a consistent favorite, and is becoming another neutral, very classic like black and white.  From light industrial concrete grey tones, to charcoal and beautiful bold slate greys, including silver cement and stone grey tones. Charcoal grey is great to use if you think black may seem too bold.

2. Organic Shapes (basins, bath tubs)

Organic shapes, rounded edges and circles still seem to be innovative and popular. Round mirrors add a softness to any bathroom, whether you are looking for a classy silver round mirror, or perhaps a wood surround mirror giving it an organic feel. Larger rectangular mirrors are also still popular.

To enhance the size of a small bathroom big beautiful mirrors can tend to give you that extra sense of space. Square and square/rounded also seem to be another favourite. Popular choices include square taps, large rainwater
shower heads, & bathroom top mount basins.

3. Luxurious Bathroom Lighting

Great lighting is an essential feature to any bathroom or kitchen space. It creates the mood and sets the tone. When lighting is displayed well,  it can transform any room.  Giving a striking impression to the most simple bathroom or kitchen.  Never under estimate the sensational glowing ambience that lighting gives to a bathroom or kitchen space.

4. Brass & Copper (e.g. taps, shower heads)

Brass & copper tap ware & basins create a Grand and Luxurious statement.  Warmer and softer shades of brass
and copper give a bathroom a superior finish.  A matte or shiny finish can both look so charming.

5. Black & White (tiles, tapware, accessories)

Some might say that grey is the new black, and although this may be true, black is still trending.  Black is a classic bold statement. White adds a softness when paired with black, and together they can appear to be elegant and sophisticated in any kitchen or bathroom.

6. Natural Wood (e.g. drawer handles, cabinetry etc.)

Timber creates warmth and adds beautiful texture to any bathroom or kitchen. It gives us the inside outside feel. We love the natural wood grains that timber has. Timber decor can transform the look and feel of a bathroom, from feeling plain and cold, to literally giving that stunning organic feel. Timber look vanities, and timber
look tiles are in.

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