11 questions to ask before you renovate a bathroom or kitchen

White wall hung vanity with 4 draws and 2 doors

Renovation for Bathrooms and Kitchens

bathroom and kitchen renovation cowboy

“Shady” – Kitchen Renovation Renegade

How to spot a renovation cowboy

SHONKY renovation practices abound in the bathroom and kitchen renovation industry. Be wary – if you want a quality job, it pays to do your research first.

Many lone renovators claim they’re boutique. Unfortunately, all too often they’re merely shoddy fly-by-night operators who specialise in

  • hidden costs
  • shortcuts
  • poor materials
  • and substandard workmanship

The problem isn’t confined to the small end of town either. Some bigger renovation firms are not always as up front as they seem. Often an array of hidden costs, or extra items, can arise once you have signed a contract with them.

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